How to Display Plants

How to Display Plants

Plants, Pots, and Placement: 17 Expert Tips for Designing and Displaying Plants in Your Home

Check out the Redfin blog for a Chicago Plants feature on ways to display your plants at home.

Cluster plants based on their needs 

Finding the right place for your plants will enhance your home’s aesthetic, but most importantly, should also be the right place for your type of plants to keep them healthy and happy. 

Neighborhood plant shop Chicago Plants states, “Clustering your humidity lovers, such as Ferns or Calathea, will help to produce a naturally humid environment, and utilizing plant stands in a cluster can create a fuller look. Plants suitable for low light, such as ZZ Plants or Snake Plants, are a great way to add greenery to a dim area of your home like a hallway or bathroom. Many indoor plants, like the Bird of Paradise, Cactus, and some Ficus, love the sun and will be happy to live on your porch or patio over the summer months.”

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