Supplementing with Grow Lights

Supplementing with Grow Lights

When winter rolls around, the days get shorter, the sun disappears for days on end, and we as humans really feel that. So do our plants. Plants go dormant in the winter meaning they do not need fertilizer or as much water but they still need sunlight to be able to photosynthesize. Grow lights can be very beneficial to your plants in the winter and if you generally have a low light home throughout the year. From moving your plants indoors to the sun's angles shifting in the winter, you may need to adjust where your plants are and the amount of sunlight they get each day. There are a couple different types of grow lights that we will discuss to help figure out which is best for your space.

Chicago Plants has partnered with Soltech Solutions to find the best and most effective grow lights for all types of plants. Soltech makes their lights with the highest level of care and integrity which integrate a highly-precise photosynthetic spectrum and gorgeous decorative lights. They are here to make our lives a little greener without worrying about the lack of sun. These are good to be used year round.

ASPECT LED Plant Light

Delivering an innovative and highly precise photosynthetic spectrum, the Aspect is not just a basic grow light, it gives quality pendant style, adding a decorative style to your home while also giving your plants the photosynthetic love they need to thrive. It is available in white or black to match almost anything. This lamp will encourage your plants to grow happily year round. 

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VITA LED Grow Bulb

The VITA bulb is not only a universal bulb that can screw into  any lamp to add light and style to your home, it maintains the Soltech standard of photosynthetic power and ambient lighting. 

The VITA Bulb offers two different beam angles. The Narrow 36 is meant to be place 24"-72" above your plants. The Wide 60 is meant to be placed 12"-48" above your plants. 

Soltech tests and researches their grow lights making sure they are efficient and beneficial to the plants. You can read up on reviews from other customers here and order one through Chicago Plants!

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