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Native to the rainforests of South Asia, the Alocasia Sarian appreciates a warm, humid environment. Alocasia belong to the Arum family that has over 70 varieties native to the tropical/subtropical regions of Asia and Australia. Alocasia Sarian is a hybrid plant between the Alocasia Zebrina and Alocasia Micholitziana. It is also known as the African Mask due to its resemblance to the mask in African Culture. This plant is very unique and creates a bold, tropical atmosphere.   Light To ensure the foliage color is maintained, the Sarian needs to be in bright indirect light. Because the leaves are quite fragile,...

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The Alocasia Hilo Beauty is a one of a kind plant. Because this plant does not flower, no one is able to accurately define which species it is. It is a hybrid cross between two plants but we are unsure of which two. The experts who are mass producing this plant have decided to include it in the Alocasia family. This plant has big heart shaped leaves like an elephant ear and has a different camouflage pattern on each leaf.  Light Bright indirect light is important for the Hilo Beauty to thrive. It can survive in a shadier spot but...

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The beautiful Alocasia Amazonica/Polly has been one of Chicago Plants’ best sellers. This should come as no surprise after seeing this unique specimen in person. The Alocasia is part of a broader family with nearly 80 different species native to southeast Asia - some of you may be familiar with the gargantuan varieties of the Alocasia known as the Elephant Ear.  Soil An Alocasia will do well in any high-quality, well-draining potting soil. They prefer a soil with more peat moss than loam, so it is always a good idea to add some peat to a potting soil if it’s...

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