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The gorgeous Ponytail Palm falls under the succulent houseplants, not palm! Although it has the appearance of a palm and does appreciate bright light like one, they thrive in dry conditions. The Ponytail Palm is drought tolerant, slow-growing, and easy to care for. It also makes for a good outdoor plant in the summer months.  Light Your Ponytail Palm will appreciate a nice spot that will allow it to soak up a lot of sunlight. They can tolerate full sun throughout the day but will also thrive in bright indirect light. Your palm is a very forgiving plant and will...

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Palms are often seen as a nice, easy beginner plant to add some height to our collections. Unfortunately this isn’t quite accurate and most of these tropical beauties require a bit more attention than your average Pothos. Despite this fact, we're hoping this guide helps bring you success in caring for your palm varieities. Soil Almost any well-draining potting mix will do for Palms. Our go-to recommendation for a high-quality soil that’s fast draining is Fox Farms Ocean Forest. It is important with Palms to never allow all of their soil to dry out between watering - the first few...

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