Our Team


Chicago Plants Owner

Chicago Plants was created as a response to the pandemic and a very tough time for a lot of people. I knew through past hardships, especially the loss of my brother, that plants can be a beautiful outlet to help to get through tough times. I wanted to share that personal passion with as many people as possible and hoped that along the way I could make life a little more bearable for a few people.

As the shop turns one year old, it has been heartening to see all of the new plant parents we've created and the number of existing plant people who have turned to us to find plants, discuss plant care, and help grow our amazing community. And of course our community would not be complete without the amazing group of folks on the Chicago Plants' team who help provide you with the welcoming, knowledgeable environment that we are all about.


Shop Manager and Plant Specialist

Favorite plant in the shop: Philodendron Hope Selloum

“I discovered my love for plants, like most, during quarantine last year. I just moved into a new home and felt I needed more life in there while I was stuck inside! After buying so many I had no idea how to care for, I was determined to teach myself all about plants and the different varieties. My love for them grew (and my plants grew too so I knew I had to be doing something right) and as I was on the search for jobs I was lucky enough to find Chicago Plants. Ryan, our amazing founder, took me under his wing and the rest is in Chicago Plants history!!”


Plant Specialist

Favorite plant: Aglaonema Sparkling Sarah

“I spent my childhood in Colorado surrounded by plants. It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago, however, that I realized how much I took that greenery for granted. Lucky for me, I wandered into Chicago Plants and the rest is history!”


Plant Specialist

Favorite plant: Monstera deliciosa

“My plant person story took off during the pandemic. I’m an extrovert who loves caring for people and animals, so when isolation hit and I couldn’t do that anymore I had to find another living thing to care for. Houseplants brought that life back into my life that I was missing.”


Macrame Artist

Favorite plant: Pothos

“Like a lot of people, when the pandemic first started I decided to try something new: houseplants. It all started with a Golden Pothos, then I found myself visiting the local Home Depot almost weekly. After that I turned to social media and started purchasing plants that I couldn’t find locally. Pretty soon I had myself a pretty good collection of plants!

I love houseplants because whether it’s a leaf you’re propagating or a full plant, they bring a sense of freshness to any room you put them in. Having pieces of the jungle from all over the world in your home can create a peaceful, clean environment while decorating your personal space. Not only is it great home decor, but the plant community is full of nice people who are all there to help each other learn and are almost always willing to share cuttings of their favorite plants with other plant enthusiasts."