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Soltech Solutions

Soltech Solutions - Pinocchio – Adjustable Wooden Wall Mount for The Aspect™

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Pinocchio isn’t just a wall mount: it’s Soltech’s solution to hang any Aspect™ plant light, while allowing you to adjust its distance from the wall at the same time.

  • Pinocchio will allow you to hang your Aspect™ up to 10.75 inches from the wall, perfect for your smaller to medium sized plants.
  • Designed to function with The Aspect™: the cable doesn’t go through any holes, it is wrapped around ridged wooden supports at each end.
  • Pinocchio’s arm (or nose?) is mobile and may be adjusted at three different heights, for the best possible result.
  • Comes in White varnished, Black varnished, and unfinished beachtree wood.