Adonidia - Christmas Palm

Adonidia - Christmas Palm

The Adonidia Palm, otherwise known as the Christmas Palm, is a very good way to add some tropical feels to your home life. Native to the Philippines, the Christmas Palm can grow up to 20-25 ft tall with leaves as long as 5 ft, in the right environment. They grow the first 6 ft very quickly. More mature plants produced bright red clusters of fruits that ripen around Christmas, giving it their festive name.  


Being a very tropical Palm, the Adonidia will thrive in full sun, also being able to tolerate bright indirect sun. They love to be outdoors if the weather is permitting. 


While the Christmas Palm is young, they like the soil to be kept pretty moist. Develop a consistent watering schedule for your Adonidia and they will show you how they appreciate it. As they mature they are able to tolerate short periods of drought. 

Humidity & Temp

Most Palms will thrive in temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the Adonidia can tolerate temperatures as low as 40 degrees. For the Adonidia to thrive they should be in a climate above 70 degrees.


The Christmas Palm prefers regular potting soil, well-draining, with a little bit of sand. We recommend Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil for added nutrients and good drainage. Mix in some sand to give better drainage. 


The Adonidia Palm will be very happy with being fertilized three times a year. Once in the beginning of spring and once in the beginning and end of summer.

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