Do you offer delivery? 

Absolutely! We deliver to Chicago area zip codes within a 10 mile radius of the shop. After selecting delivery at checkout, you will be provided a link to schedule the exact time and date of your delivery. 

If the delivery is intended to be a gift, please make sure the recipient is home at the time of the scheduled delivery. Surprises are wonderful but a dead plant on one's doorstep from Chicago's frigid cold is not a fun surprise for anyone. Additionally, please include the recipients phone number in the delivery info so we can contact them if we encounter problems during delivery.

Help! I need a plant repotted. 

We are happy to help you repot your plant. If you're buying a plant in-store, we can gladly repot free of charge into a planter of your choosing. If you are looking to bring your own plant and planter from home, we just charge a few bucks for the soil used.  

Do you have a certain plant in stock?

Go ahead and type the plant you're looking for into our handy dandy search bar. If a plant is in the store, it'll be on the site. 

We get lots of requests for very specific plants and as much as we would like to have all the plants our customers are looking for, the plant world is very chaotic right now and we cannot always predict what our growers will have available. 

Do you offer Gift Cards?

We do indeed. Fastest way to find them is typing Gift Card into the search bar. You will be able to choose your denomination and the digital gift card can be emailed to either you, the purchaser, or the intended recipient. We only offer digital gift cards to save the planet. 

Are masks required in store? 

If you are fully vaccinated masks are no longer required in store. All Chicago Plants' employees are fully vaccinated as well. 

If you are not vaccinated, please be prepared to wear a mask in store. 

Can we bring dogs into the store? 

You can indeed! Chicago Plants is very pet-friendly.

What if I order a plant or drop off for a repot and don't pick it up for an extended period of time? 

After two weeks, an order that is not picked up will be cancelled and refunded. If you left a plant or plants with us to repot and you neglect to pick them up within one week, we will charge a $10/week plant-sitting fee when you finally come to retrieve your abandoned plants. Unfortunately this rule is a result of individuals leaving plants with us for months, expecting us to care for them in addition to the other two to three-thousand plants in the shop that are for sale. 

Help! My plant is dying and I don't know what to do. 

Best place to start in addressing your sad plant is our Plant Care Guide section to ensure you are providing your plant with appropriate care.

We are more than happy to help assess any ailments that may be facing your plant, whether or not you got it from Chicago Plants. When reaching out for help, please provide us with a picture of the plant as well as all relevant care information to help us best serve you.