Plants Meet Interior Design

For anyone seeking to elevate their work environment, customer experience, or your own living space with some lush greenery, allow us to help. 

Every space is different and ensuring you choose the right plants is the most important first step to long-term plant health.

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Our Process

Part 1 - Consultation: We'll visit and assess your space, and personally curate a plant collection that will thrive in your space's lighting conditions and your plant care style — and add aesthetic value. 

Part 2 - Design Plan: Taking into account the information from our consultation, we will provide a full design plan for your space with a selection of plant options that will work. If you love it, great! If not, we will work together in refining our plan to ensure it will meet your aesthetic and budget goals. 

Part 3 - Installation: We'll deliver and install all of the agreed upon plants, setting everyone up for success with understanding of each plant's care needs.