Interiorscape Consultations

office filled with plants

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When plant expertise meets interior design...

How it works:

You: have a need to elevate your work environment, customer experience, or your own living space with some greenery. 

Part 1 - Consultation: We'll visit and assess your space, and personally curate a plant collection that will thrive in your space's lighting conditions and your plant care style — and add aesthetic value. 

Part 2 - Design Plan: Taking into account the information from our consultation, we will provide a full design plan for your space with a selection of plant options that will work. If you love it, great! If not, we will work together in refining our plan to ensure it will meet your aesthetic and budget goals. 

Part 3 - Installation: We'll deliver and install all of the agreed upon plants, setting everyone up for success with understanding of each plant's care needs.

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“We reached out to Chicago Plants to help outfit our office space with a few low-maintenance indoor plants. We were able to schedule a next day consult and met with Ryan in person at our office, which was very helpful as he was able to see our space himself and get a proper gauge for the office temperature and sun exposure. He sent us several options within just a few days and was amenable to swapping items out to be mindful of our budget. We changed our choices several times and he was always flexible about updating the invoice for us. We chatted a little about upkeep after the installation, and he encouraged us to reach out if we had any questions about plant care in the future.

We appreciated how thorough Ryan was with his consult and that he made recommendations that were appropriate for our office environment, and we are so pleased with the result! He was also super pleasant to work with. If we decide to bring any more green into our space, we will reach out to Chicago Plants again without hesitation.”

— Justine, Empower Illinois

Office lounge area with an Aglaonema floor plant and two hanging Philodendron     Redish green dracaenas line a row of desks 

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Paradox, Inc. Chicago:


Three H, NeoCon Exhibit:


Camelot Illinois:

aglaonema planters
golden pothos shelves


Imagine Healthcare:

Indoor plants bring serenity to the Imagine Healthcare waiting area for their patients. A wide angle of Imagine Healthcare's waiting area, with indoor plants livening up the space.


Virtu Financial:


Goddess & The Baker:


Fogo de Chão - Downtown Chicago:

A side angle of the tall Dracaena plants against restaurant Fogo de Chão's sunny entryway.
A Dracaena plant stands tall with the high-top tables in restaurant Fogo de Chão.


Starbucks - Downtown Chicago:

Agave plants line the outdoor dining area near the sidewalk outside the Starbucks coffee shop on State Street in Chicago.


Indoor Home Projects:

A plant on a ladder and two plants on a window sill overlook the Chicago skyline.
A tall Schefflera brings some greenery to a sunny living room.  


Outdoor Home Projects: