Repotting Services

At-Home Repotting

Chicago Plants is the Windy City's only shop you can rely on for Repotting Services brought to your home. 

Check out our calendar below to schedule time for a plant specialist to visit your space with all of the supplies needed to perform a repotting. Pricing varies by the size of the plant(s) - more information can be found in the event booking details. 

Please note, we only offer our At-Home Repotting Services to customers located within the city of Chicago.

Feel free to give us a call or send a message from our contact page with any questions or concerns regarding the process.     

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In-Store Repotting

If it’s portable, bring your overgrown plant into the store and we’ll repot it here. You can bring your own pot or purchase one of ours. Price varies based on size. No need to set up an appointment for this - just stop on by!

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Hear from one of our clients:

"Ryan and his team were incredible to work with. I contracted them for a few 'plant projects' around our condo. I was initially impressed by the responsiveness, speed and knowledge during introductions. What impressed me more was the resourcefulness and professionalism while onsite. Super tricky job and spots to pick plants for -- and they nailed it at every turn!! Including a large re-pot that was so compact and restricted they needed a hammer to open it up and get it into a better pot!!"

— Local Plant Parent Donald

Check out some before and after photos from the repotting portion of our project with Donald:

Before:                                                                                                After:

Bird of Paradise plant before repotting. The plant is clearly root-bound and some of its leaves are drooping.     A close-up of the Bird of Paradise's root system.     A Bird of Paradise plant stands tall in this sunny apartment after being repotted by the Chicago Plants team.



Repotting a 40-year-old Monstera:

These before and after photos were taken during a Chicago Plants project repotting a 40-year-old Monstera! Things almost took a turn when Ryan discovered that its original 6” terra cotta pot was still in the center of the plant’s roots. But in the end the plant was saved! Now it’s standing tall overlooking Lake Michigan.

Before:                                           After:

A 40-year-old rootbound Philodendron Monstera plant is in desperate need of a repot!     This 40-year-old Monstera was repotted by the Chicago Plants team and stands tall in its owner's apartment.     A close-up of the leaves of this repotted Monstera houseplant in a Chicago apartment.


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