Aralia Fabian

Aralia Fabian

The Aralia Fabian is a miniature tree that grows naturally in the Pacific Islands, specifically New Guinea. In the wild, Aralia trees can grow up to 20 feet but the Aralia Fabin is generally more contained and will stop growing once it reaches about four feet. The Aralia Fabian makes for a great houseplant as it gives off the tree-like aesthetic and has gorgeous, round leaves that display a deep green color on top and maroon on the bottom. 

  • Light

The Aralia Fabian can tolerate most light but will do best in bright indirect light. If this plant is dropping leaves, it is most likely in a spot that is too shaded. If the leaves are burning, it is most likely in a spot that is too bright. 

  • Water 

The Aralia Fabian is very sensitive to tap water so setting out a bucket of water overnight to help the chemicals evaporate will be good for this plant. Water when the top two inches of the soil has dried out. Water less in the winter. If your plant is losing leaves or the leaves are curling, it could be a result of underwatering. 

  • Humidity & Temperature

Because the Aralia Fabian is a tropical plant, they will appreciate moderate to high humidity. Pebble trays are beneficial. This plant thrives in temperatures between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit but can tolerate temperatures as low at 65. 

  • Soil

Using the correct potting mixture is essential for the Aralian Fabian. Acidic potting soil that has good drainage is beneficial. Adding coco coir can help with drainage and good aeration. We recommend Fox Farm Ocean Forest with added coco coir. 

  • Fertilization

The Aralia Fabian will benefit from being fertilized once a month in the spring and summer. When it is dormant in the winter, there is no need to fertilize. 


  • Pet Friendly? 

The trunk of the Aralia Fabian has a toxic substance that can be dangerous if ingested or touches skin. Keep out of reach of young children and pets

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