Begonia Angel Wing

Begonia Angel Wing

The Begonia Angel Wing is a very special, unique Begonia. Because it is a cane-type Begonia it is easy to care for and is not as picky as other Begonia’s. Native to Brazil, the Angel Wings grow upright with beautifully dotted and unique leaves with bright colors. They produce magnificent flowers when given enough sunlight. They can be grown indoors year round. 

  • Light

The Begonia Angel Wing appreciates bright indirect sunlight but can tolerate direct sunlight in the winter. They can also tolerate a shaded spot but they won’t be able to produce flowers without a lot of sunlight. 

  • Water

All Begonia’s appreciate consistent moisture but not soggy soil. The top inch of the soil should dry out before watering to avoid root rot. Do not let the pot sit in water.

  • Humidity & Temperature

Because the Angel Wings are native to Brazil, keeping the temperature warm is necessary. Temperatures between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect but do not let it drop below 50 degrees or the plant will mostly die. Begonia’s love humidity so create a pebble tray, use a humidity, or place it in a high humidity room such as a bathroom or kitchen to increase humidity. 

  • Soil

The Begonia Angel Wing will do great in regular potting soil. We recommend Fox Farm Potting Soil for added nutrients and drainage! Adding peat moss could be beneficial to retain moisture. 

  • Fertilization

Feed the Begonia Angel Wing with organic fertilizer biweekly in the spring and summer. There is no need to fertilize in the winter, as it is not the growing season. 


  • Pet Friendly?

No, this plant is not pet friendly. Keep out of reach of pets and small children. 

  • Why are the tips of my Begonia Angel Wing browning?

This could be from underwatering or a lack of humidity. Be sure to have high humidity around this plant and water when the top inch of the soil is dry. 

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