These fun, vibrant, and lively plants will really add some color to your plant shelf. Native to Brazil, they thrive in an environment that resembles bright light and high humidity.

  • Soil

Almost any well-draining potting mix will be sufficient for your Begonia. Our go-to recommendation for a high-quality soil that’s fast draining is Fox Farms Ocean Forest. Drainage is key for these plants, as they are extremely susceptible to root root.

  • Watering

Water a Begonia when the top 2 inches of the soil dries out. Water less in the winter. Make sure to discard any water that drains from the bottom to avoid root rot. Decrease watering frequency in the winter.

  • Sunlight

Begonia's will thrive bright, indirect light. It can tolerate medium light but make sure the plant is not becoming leggy and reaching for the sun. Full direct sun can cause the leaves to dry and burn.

  • Humidity

Being native to Brazil, Begonia's will appreciate a warm, humid environment. While misting is okay with many other leafier varieties, Begonia will not tolerate standing water on their leaves and it will usually create brown spots or mold. Be sure to use a humidifier or pebble tray with your Begonia if supplemental humidity is required. 

  • Fertilization

When it comes to fertilizing your Begonia, they will only need it in the spring and summer months, about once a month.


  • Pet friendly?

    • No-this plant is not pet friendly so avoid putting it where pets or children can get into.

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