Bird of Paradise Care Guide

Bird of Paradise Care Guide

Often considered the Queen of indoor plants the Bird of Paradise plant will definitely add some life and tropical feels to your space. A relatively hardy plant, your BOP can tolerate low direct light settings to bright direct sun.

  • Soil

Almost any well-draining potting mix will be sufficient for your Bird of Paradise. Our go-to recommendation for a high-quality soil that’s fast draining is Fox Farms Ocean Forest.

  • Watering

Water your Bird of Paradise when the top 50% of the soil is dry. Make sure to discard any water that drains from the bottom to avoid root rot. It is better to keep your BOP on the drier side, as they do not like “wet feet”. Decrease watering frequency in the winter.

  • Sunlight

Your BOP can survive in light levels between low indirect to bright direct light. It will flourish and thrive in brighter light, however.

  • Humidity

This plant will appreciate frequent misting for humidity. It will also help with cleaning the leaves free of any dust that builds.

  • Fertilization

When it comes to fertilizing your Bird of Paradise, they will only need it in the spring and summer months, about once a month. No need to feed your plant in the fall and winter months.


  • Pet friendly?

    • No-this plant is not pet friendly so avoid putting it where pets or children can get into.

  • Speedy Grower?

    • We get a lot of people asking how long it’ll take their smaller BoP to reach the ceiling-touching heights of our larger ones in 17” pots. These guys are fast growers so if you don’t want to ball out and buy a big one, go small and just give it years of love and proper care.

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