Bismarckia Palm

Bismarckia Palm

The Bismarckia Palm is a unique palm, native to Madagascar. With the light purple color to it and it’s broad and loud leaves, anyone who sees a Bismarckia Palm in any setting will be speechless. They make for great outdoor plants to add to any outdoor garden and bring a tropical feel inside during the colder months. The Bismarckia Palm would go perfectly in front of a big south, west, or east facing window. 


The Bismarckia Palm can tolerate bright direct or indirect sunlight for about 6 hours a day. Grow lights in the winter are recommended since they are tropical plant and want as much sunlight as possible. 


Bismarckia Palms do not want to dry out fully. They prefer to dry out about 50% of the soil before their next watering. Be careful of overwatering in the winter time. 

Humidity & Temp

Although Bismarckia Palms are resistant to dry air, if it is too dry or too hot, misting will be necessary. They can tolerate temperatures as low as 50 degrees but prefer not to drop below 60. As for heat, they can tolerate temperatures up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.


For well-draining, airy soil, we recommend Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil. However, Bismarckia Palms are very sensitive to repotting and do not need it for about 4 years. 


During the growing season, spring and summer, fertilize the Bismarckia Palm every two weeks. 


  • Pet friendly?

Technically, they are non toxic but be aware of the sharp, pointed leaves that can be harmful to young children or pets. 

  • How often do I repot my Bismarckia Palm? 

Because of the fragile roots, this palm is sensitive to repotting. They could take up to 4 years to have to be repotted again.

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