Cast Iron Plant Care Guide

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Cast Iron Plant Care Guide

This Cast Iron Plant is one of the easiest, low maintenance plants. Your Cast Iron Plant will thrive in neglect and even will grow in a dark, shady spot. It is quite a slow grower but the leaves can grow to be as long as 2’ long and 4” wide. This is a good houseplant or it can even be planted outside. 

  • Light

Tolerant of low light, your Cast Iron Plant will thrive almost anywhere you put it. As long as you avoid direct sunlight, your plant will tolerate mostly anything. 

  • Water 
Let your Cast Iron Plant dry out a bit before watering again. Being somewhat drought tolerant, overwatering is the number one cause of death for this type of plant. Wait until the soil is about 50% dried out and then water it. 

  • Humidity
Average household humidity will be just fine for you Cast Iron Plant. 

  • Soil
Almost any well-draining potting mix will be sufficient for your Ctenanthe Our go-to recommendation for a high-quality soil that’s fast draining is Fox Farms Ocean Forest.

  • Fertilizer 

Fertilize your Cast Iron Plant once a month during their growing season, spring and summer months. No need to fertilize in the winter or fall months.



  • Pet friendly? 
Yes, this plant is pet friendly!



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