Chlorophytum Amaniense - Fireflash

Chlorophytum Amaniense - Fireflash

The Chlorophytum Amaniense “Fireflash” is also known as the “Orange Spider Plant”. This plant is native to tropical and subtropical parts of southern and western Africa. They have lush and green foliage but the orange bursting from the stems is what makes the Fireflash so vibrant. Not only beautiful, but this plant is also easy to care for. It stores water in their thick roots so they can dry out a bit more without feeling it. 


The best thing to do for the Fireflash in regards to light is to experiment with different locations in the space. They appreciate partial shade but cannot tolerate too much direct sunlight. 


The Fireflash has thick roots that store water for some time in them so they are able to dry out a bit more without feeling it. However, they will be much happier in evenly moist soil. Especially in the summertime when the sun is hot and they are drying out faster. 

Humidity & Temp

Being native to Africa, the Fireflash will do best in temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. They thrive in a humid growing environment to mimic their natural habitat in tropical parts of Africa. 


The Fireflash appreciates light, airy, well-draining soil. Avoid rocky or sandy soil. We recommend Fox Farm Ocean Forest  potting soil for added nutrients and good drainage. 


Fertilize the Fireflash every two weeks in the spring and summer months. Do not fertilize in the winter as it will disturb their dormancy. 


  • Pet friendly? 

Yes, these plants are non-toxic to cats and dogs! 

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