Dracaena Elegan's Cane

Dracaena Elegan's Cane

The Dracaena Elegan’s Cane, otherwise known as the Lisa Cane, can grow up to 8’ tall in an indoor environment, making for an excellent floor plant. Their big, glossy leaves will catch anyone's eye walking into a hotel lobby or a friend's home. There are over 170 different species of Dracaena that are native to Africa, some native to Northern Australia, and others to Central America. They are a low maintenance plant that will definitely add some greenery to your life. 


Although Dracaena are known to tolerate low light, they will thrive in medium light. With low light, the Elegans Cane will not give off much growth. They will do best in an east or west facing room. Avoid direct sunlight as the leaves will get burnt. 


Dracaena are very picky about their watering. They are sensitive to overwatering and sensitive to the chemicals in tap water. Be sure to use distilled water or let your water sit out overnight so the chemicals evaporate. They want to dry out about 75% of the way. 

Humidity & Temp

The Elegans Cane does not require too much extra humidity but moderate humidity is appreciated. As long as you are comfortable with the temperature, the Elegans Cane will also be. Keep away from hot or draft drafts. 


Because Dracaena are sensitive to overwatering, mixing together lava rocks or charcoal with Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil will create good drainage to avoid root rot. 


All Dracaena want to be fertilized once a month in the spring and summer. Do not fertilize in the fall or winter because they are dormant and it will only disturb them. 


  • Why is my Dracaena losing leaves? 

As Dracaena age, it is part of their life cycle to drop older leaves. It is normal so do not worry about it too much. If the top leaves start to yellow/brown, then maybe look into it more to see if could possibly be root rot. 

  • Pet friendly? 

No, technically all Dracaena are toxic to pets and humans.

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