Ficus Elastica - Rubber Tree

Ficus Elastica - Rubber Tree

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The Ficus Elastica is a very well known plant that can grow up to 8’ indoor. Originating from India, Nepal, Malaysia, China, and other countries, these plants come in several different varieties. They are an easier ficus to care for and add a fun, statement tree to your home.


Ficus Elastica or Rubber Tree’s appreciate bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight. The Ficus Burgundy can adjust to medium light, however the Ficus Tineke should always be in brighter light. 


Just like any other ficus, the Elastica want to dry out about 2” of the soil. Water until it pours out of the drainage holes and then discard any water remaining in the saucer. 

Humidity & Temp

Higher humidity is always good for Ficus. You can increase humidity by using a pebble tray beneath the plant or a humidifier. Do not let the temperature get below 60 degrees fahrenheit and avoid sudden shifts in temperature. 


Any well draining soil is best for the Ficus Elastica. Good drainage is important to avoid root rot. We recommend Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil.


Make sure to only water the Ficus Elastica in the spring and summer months, about twice a month. Do not fertilize in the fall or winter. 


  • Pet Friendly? 

No, Ficus are not pet friendly. 

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