Because the beautifully shaped and striking foliage of your Fitonnia, also known as the Nerve Plant, originates from South America, they prefer a more humid environment They are easy to care for plants that can tolerate a range of lighting, making this a perfect plant for a somewhat beginner plant person and terrariums! 

  • Light
Fitonia prefer bright, indirect light but can tolerate medium light. Placing this plant in too low of light can cause some leaves to lose the vibrant colors and patterns it has. Direct sunlight is too harsh on the foliage so avoid full sun. 

  • Water  
The Fitonia will appreciate evenly moist soil. Water when the first ¼ of the soil is dry. Be careful not to make the soil soggy, as it does not want to be soaky wet. If underwatered, your nerve plant can be a little dramatic. They usually go limp excessively when too dry. To fix that just give it a nice soak and try to water more frequently. 

  • Humidity 
Nerve Plants really appreciate good humidity throughout the environment they are living in, which makes them fabulous terrarium plants! Creating pebble trays, misting frequently, or a humidifier will be beneficial to your plant. 

  • Soil 
Nerve Plants will do great in regular potting soil. We recommend Fox Farm Potting Soil for added nutrients and drainage! Adding peat moss could be beneficial to retain moisture. 

  • Fertilization

Fertilizing once a month will be good for these plants. Only feed your plants in the spring and summer months. They do not need any fertilizer in the winter time. 


  • Pet Friendly? 

Yes! Your Fitonnia is 100% non-toxic to pets and humans. 

  • Why is my Fitonnia drooping so much? 

Fitonnia's tend to be a bit dramatic when they are underwatered! No worries, if you notice your nerve plant excessively drooping just give it a nice soak and it should perk right back up for you. Use this as a sign to water more frequently to prevent it from being so dramatic! 


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