Goldfish Plant

Goldfish Plant

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The Columnea Gloriosa, often referred to as a goldfish plant because of its flowers resembling fish, comes to us from Central and South America. In the right conditions, this plant will bloom 2-3 inch flowers of yellow, red, and orange color that have a thick, waxy feel. Your gorgeous and unique goldfish plant makes for a great hanging plant. These plants will thrive in temperature from 65 degrees fahrenheit to 75 degrees. They do not like too cold or too hot of weather. 

  • Light
Goldfish plants derives most of its energy from sunlight, meaning it requires bright indirect light for most of the day. Avoid direct sunlight as that can scorch the leaves and flowers. Your plant will also do great until a grow light. 

  • Water
Allow the top 2 inches of your goldfish plant to dry out before watering. The biggest culprit in an unhappy Columnea Gloriosa is overwatering, so really make sure they are ready to be watered before watering. It may lead to losing leaves. 

  • Humidity
Being a tropical plant, your goldfish plant will appreciate mild to moderate humidity. Misting daily with room temperature water can be beneficial as well as a humidifier or pebble tray. 

  • Soil
A good potting medium is important for your goldfish plant. They will thrive in a mixture of sphagnum moss, perlite, and regular potting soil. Make sure the soil is non-moisture retaining, as your goldfish plant will not react well to that. 

  • Fertilizer

Fertilize goldfish plants will thrive when given plant food every two springs in the growing season. They do not need to be fertilized in the winter months during their dormant season. 



  • Pet Friendly? 
Yes! Your goldfish plant is 100% pet safe!
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