Hoya Hindu Rope

Hoya Hindu Rope

The Hoya Hindu Rope is an easy to care for, slow growing, and incredibly unique plant. Native to India, these plants are elegant in all ways. As long as you provide the right amount of light for these friends, they will be happy. They produce waxy, pink and white flowers that will show during the growing season once they are matured. They are “semi-succulent”, meaning they store water in their leaves so they are drought tolerant. These are great for beginnger plant parents. 


For the Hoya Hindu Rope to give off the best growth and flower, bright indirect will be best. A couple hours of direct sunlight is okay but make sure it is not too long as the sun will scorch the leaves. It will also be happy under a grow light.


Because they are a “semi-succulent” plant, they do not need as much water from storing it in their leaves. They like the soil to dry out about 75% of the way. In the warmer months, it will need more frequent watering. Less in the winter. 

Humidity & Temp

Hoya will be happy with moderate to high humidity. They prefer to be kept warm, not being in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid sudden changes in temperature. 


Well-draining, light, and airy soil is the best for the Hindu Rope. We recommend adding peat moss, orchid bark, or extra perlite to Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil to use for the Hindu Rope soil. 


The Hoya Hindu Rope likes to be fertilized every couple months during the growing season, spring and summer.

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