Norfolk Pine

Norfolk Pine

The Norfolk Pine is a tropical plant that closely resembles a Christmas tree. They are often used as one because they won’t last the season, they will last year round as a houseplant. The Norfolk Pine is native to Norfolk Island in the South Pacific Ocean near New Zealand. Although they look similar to an evergreen tree, they are quite the opposite in care.


Because the Norfolk Pine comes from a very sunny place, they require bright indirect to direct sunlight. They can adjust to medium light but may not look as full. They make for good outdoor plants when the weather permits. 


Norfolk Pines only want to dry out 25% of the soil. Be sure to feel with your hands to know if it is dry enough to water. If the tips of the plant start to get brown and crispy, it is due to underwatering. 

Humidity & Temp

Higher humidity is important during the winter months due to the drier air. You can increase humidity with pebble trays or a humidifier. These pines thrive in 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to keep away from cold drafts. 


Feeding the Norfolk Pine once a month in the spring and summer months. No need to fertilize in the fall or winter as they are not in their growing season.



  • Pet Friendly?

Norfolk Pines are mildly toxic to pets and can cause ingestion or vomitting. 

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