Peacock Fern - Rainbow Moss

Peacock Fern - Rainbow Moss

Native to China, the Peacock Fern, otherwise known as Rainbow Moss, appreciates a moist and shady area to grow. They are neither fern nor moss but because of their appearance and growth patterns, they have been classified as a Fern. They give off eye-catching blue and green foliage that will leave your garden looking better than anything. 


Bright indirect light is good for the Rainbow Moss. They can do well in shaded spots with a couple hours of direct sunlight. They could also deal with full shade throughout the whole day. 


The Peacock Fern is not a drought tolerant plant. They require consistently moist soil to thrive. If the leaves start to yellow, that could be due to underwatering. They will dry out faster in hot summer months. 

Humidity & Temp

Rainbow Moss needs high humidity to be happy. They make for very good terrarium plants or bathroom plants. They can tolerate temperatures as low at 55 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures as high at 85. They will be happiest somewhere between 65-75.


Using the correct potting mixture is essential for the Peacock Fern. Using a potting soil that has good drainage is beneficial. Adding coco coir can help with drainage and good aeration. We recommend Fox Farm Ocean Forest with added coco coir. 


Peacock Ferns are prone to getting fertilizer burn so be sure to only fertilize once a month in the spring and summer. No need to fertilize when they are dormant in fall and winter. 


  • Pet Friendly? 

Yes, this fern is 100% pet friendly! Be sure to not let your animals munch on it too much, it could result in an unhappy plant.

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