Philodendron Micans

Philodendron Micans

The Philodendron Micans is a more unique type of philodendron. Their velvet leaves give off a beautiful chartreuse color edged with pink as they unfurl. They grow into a deeper iridescent green with a deep purple/red coloring. They originate from a humidity rich forest in the Caribbean Islands of Dominica and Tobago. They root on tall trees in the wild meaning they would thrive growing up a moss pole or even in a hanging basket.

  • Light

The Phildendron Micans will appreciate a bright, indirect lighting space. Although Philodendrons can tolerate low light, they won’t necessarily thrive. So if you are looking for your Micans to grow nice and long, they will appreciate a bright spot. Avoid direct sunlight as that will burn the leaves. Yellowing older leaves in common but if several leaves are yellowing at a time, that could be the result of too much sunlight.

  • Water

Let the top couple inches of the soil dry out before watering the spring and summer. In the winter time they are not actively growing so they would prefer to dry out before their next water. 

  • Humidity

Keeping a humidifier close by or using a pebble tray to increase humidity will be helpful as they grow naturally in a very humid forest. 

  • Soil

The Philodendron Micans will do great in regular potting soil. We recommend Fox Farm Potting Soil for added nutrients and drainage! Adding peat moss could be beneficial to retain moisture. 

  • Fertilization

During the growing season, summer and spring, fertilize your Micans monthly. Paler leaves can be a result of too little fertilization. 


  • Pet Friendly? 

Philodendrons are toxic to pets and humans. Keep out of reach of animals and young children.

  • Should Philodendrons vine or climb? 
Philodendrons can do either! If you are hoping for it to climb, a moss pole would be the best option to mimic its natural habitat. If you would like for them to vine, hanging them or putting them in a spot they have space to vine down is the best option.
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