Rhapis Excelsa-Lady Palm

Rhapis Excelsa-Lady Palm

The Lady Palm, technically known as the Rhapis Excelsa, is a small palm species that grows upright, fan-shaped, glossy, green leaves. It is native to China and tolerant to low light conditions, making it a pretty low maintenance houseplant. This particular palm has a slow growth rate, so if you are looking for a tree that will take its time to get huge, the Lady Palm may be it.  


Bright indirect light is most ideal for the Lady Palm but they are somewhat tolerant of shaded, lower light areas. Direct sunlight is not ideal for this palm, the unfiltered sunlight will cause the leaves to burn. 


It is good to establish a regular watering schedule during the growing season. In the spring and summer, water when the top inch of soil dries out. In the dormant season, fall and winter, they are more drought tolerant and dry out more. 

Humidity & Temp

Humidity is important for all palms. Try to keep humidity levels above 50%. Increase humidity with pebble trays or humidifers. Lady Palms thrive in typical room temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees fahrenheit. Anything below 55 degrees can damage the plant. They can also be sensitive to cold drafts and hot air blowing on the plant. 


Any well-draining potting soil, with good drainage, will be good for the Lady Palm. We recommend Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil.  


Lady Palms only need fertilizing in the growing season, spring and summer. Be sure to fertilize monthly.


  • Pet friendly?

Yes, all palms are pet friendly! 

  • Why is my Lady Palm getting brown around the edges? 

This could be due to lack of humidity. Trying putting a humidifer close by.

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