Schefflera are native to Taiwan, Australia, and New Guinea, love a bright and warm environment to grow in. Also known as the Umbrella Tree, they come in shrub or tree form and can grow in unique patterns as they mature. It is an easy-going plant that will add lots of extra greenery to your home! 

  • Light 
Schefflera will thrive in bright indirect light, but can tolerate medium light. Avoid direct sunlight as the sun can burn the leaves. If you are experiencing that your Schefflera is dropping leaves left and right, try moving it to a brighter spot. Lack of sunlight can cause leaves to become weak, causing them to shed. 


  • Water
This plant is an easy growing plant that does not require too much watering. Schefflera likes to dry out about 75% of the way. Be sure to feel around in the soil, assuring it is ready to be watered. They are very hardy, so if you miss a watering, do not fret. 

  • Humidity
 Another reason for shedding leaves could be a lack of humidity. Your schefflera will appreciate a humidifier near by, a pebble tray, or frequent misting to promote healthy and strong leaves. 

  • Soil
 Any well draining potting soil will be beneficial for your Schefflera. We recommended Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil. 

  • Fertilization

 Fertilizing once a month will be good for your Schefflera. Only feed your plants in the spring and summer months. They do not need any fertilizer in the winter time. 



  • Pet friendly?

No, your schefflera is not pet friendly. Keep away from pets and children. 

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