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clusia, outdoor plants -

Native to tropical America, the Clusia, also known as the Autograph Plant, works great as an indoor or outdoor plant in the summer months. The leaves are so tough on this plant that you are able to carve into it, hence the name Autograph Plant. This gorgeous tree can bloom flowers and fruit when in the right environment during the summer months.  Light The Clusia will thrive in full sun as an outdoor plant but can tolerate partial shade. If they are grown as indoor plants, they can adjust to medium light.  Water Although this plant is fairly drought tolerant, they...

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cordyline, outdoor plants -

This gorgeous, pink and green plant is native to the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia making it a great plant for your indoor or outdoor space. Cordyline, also known as the Hawaiin Ti Plant, can grow up to 2-4 feet tall in the right environment. They should only be planted outside in climates warm enough for the Ti, so summertime in Chicago is about the only time you should bring this plant outside. They make an excellent houseplant during the other seasons!  Light The Cordyline will be happy in a bright spot, direct or indirect sunlight. Variations with green leaves will...

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