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The String of Pearl/Bananas/Dolphins, etc succulent is a gorgeous, cascading plant that grows fast and is very easy to propagate. This succulent is typically grown indoors but can do well in a shaded outdoor area during spring and summer (in Chicago). If they bloom, their flowers give off a tiny cinnamon scent and very appealing white buds. As for their relative, the String of Banana's, they are similar in care but actually easier to grow than String of Pearls.  Light Your String of Pearls will love to grow indoor in a bright indirect spot. Outdoor, they love to be placed in...

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The gorgeous Ponytail Palm falls under the succulent houseplants, not palm! Although it has the appearance of a palm and does appreciate bright light like one, they thrive in dry conditions. The Ponytail Palm is drought tolerant, slow-growing, and easy to care for. It also makes for a good outdoor plant in the summer months.  Light Your Ponytail Palm will appreciate a nice spot that will allow it to soak up a lot of sunlight. They can tolerate full sun throughout the day but will also thrive in bright indirect light. Your palm is a very forgiving plant and will...

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Succulents and cacti can be some of the easiest plants for a first-time plant owner. They are incredibly drought resistant, don’t require much in terms of fertilization, and will grow in a variety of different soil mediums. Despite this hardy resilience, it is not uncommon for people to kill their first cactus or succulent they own.

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