Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

The Aphelandra Squarrosa, also known as the Zebra Plant, is native to the jungles of Brazil where the climate is warm, humid, and moist. This beautifully patterned, flowering plant can be temperamental but gorgeous when it is thriving. They produce big yellow flowers (that resemble pineapples!) in the summer and can last for several weeks. Because this is a tropical plant it can be difficult to grow indoors but with the right care and attention, it will thrive. 

  • Light
The Zebra Plant will thrive in bright indirect light. Direct sunlight will be harmful to the leaves as these plants grow under trees in the tropical jungles, so they prefer shaded areas. 

  • Water

Zebra Plants love to have consistently moist soil as they are native to tropical rainforests. When the top 1”-2” of the soil is dried out, give it a nice soak, watering until water pours out of the drainage holes. Make sure to water with lukewarm water.

  • Humidity and Temp

Because of Zebra Plants native habitat, high humidity will help it to thrive as well as moderate temperature ranging from 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid hot or cold drafts as this plant can be sensitive to that.

  • Soil

Almost any well-draining potting mix will be sufficient for the Zebra Plant. Our go-to recommendation for a high-quality soil that’s fast draining is Fox Farms Ocean Forest.

  • Fertilizer

A Zebra Plant should be fertilized only during its peak growing season, spring and summer, every one to two weeks. This will help encourage flowers to bloom! 


  • Pet Friendly? 

Yes, this plant is pet safe! 

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