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Chicago Plants

Plant-Sitting Services

Plant-Sitting Services

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Plant-Sitting Services are provided by Chicago Plants ("Invitee") with the consent and discretion of the Plant Parent ("Inviter"). Inviter agrees to the visit cadence and care needs for the plants on premises, as discussed orally or electronically, in advance of the commencement of Plant-Sitting Services. 

By completing the transaction for Plant-Sitting Services, Inviter agrees that Invitee shall not be held responsible for any change in plant health or appearance, during and following the completion of Services. Any changes to Services required must be discussed in writing and agreed upon by both parties. 

Inviter will securely provide access of dwelling to Invitee, as well as notify and prepare Invitee of any other security considerations to ensure visits are performable without issue. Invitee promises to follow all necessary steps discussed to enter and exit dwelling, properly unlocking and locking according to instruction provided by Inviter. 

To prepare for any extended period away from home, ensure that the household environment is not drastically changed. Heat should not be lowered below 65 degrees and curtains or shades over plant-facing windows should remain open. 

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